Luca Leggero

Google Art on Canvas

solo show _ 22/07 - 12/09/2015
curated by Filippo Lorenzin


ULTRA is pleased to announce Google Art on Canvas, the solo exhibition by artist Luca Leggero curated by Filippo Lorenzin who presents his new series of works. The exhibition will take place c/o eflux studio in Udine from July 22nd until September 12th 2015 and the opening will be part of 6PM Your Local Time, an international event coordinated by Link Art Center that will take place in more than 20 European countries at the same time, creating the biggest participative art event  in Europe.

During the opening, the artist will be interviewed by curator Filippo Lorenzin: the conversation will be followed by guests of ULTRA and in live streaming, with the online service Periscope.

Google Art on Canvas is the exhibition wherewith the artist Luca Leggero presents his new works, the result of reflections on the newest ways to see artworks. For this series presented at ULTRA, the artist cut and zoomed parts of high-resolution images of some of the most famous paintings in art history, in order to show their more intimate and inaccessible grain, as defined by Roland Barthes. Starting with a study on the spectacularization of art, the artist has reflected on the mediation process the artworks face when they are filmed and photographed with the newest technology.