group show

05/10 - 15/11/2015
curated by Filippo Lorenzin

Ultra presents "Reality Check”, the new exhibition curated by Filippo Lorenzin which will open Saturday, October 4th at 18.00 in via Mantica 7/4 in Udine, in the spaces and with the support of the communication studio eflux. It will be attended by international artists from different backgrounds and cultures, whose works range through various conceptual and expressive practices: Zach Blas (Facial Weaponization Suite); Benjamin Grosser (ScareMail); Callum Haywood (We Know What You Are Doing); IOCOSE (A Contemporary Portrait of the Internet Artist); Kate Rich (Feral Trade); Guido Segni (The Middle Finger Response); Sander Veenhof (Watch Your Privacy)