Sašo Sedlaček


solo show _ 16/05 – 20/06/2015
extended 10/07/2015
curated by Domenico Quaranta


ULTRA is proud to announce Supertrash, the first solo exhibition of Slovenian artist Sašo Sedlaček in Italy. The exhibition will take place at Ultra c/o eflux studio in Udine from May 16 to June 20, 2015, and will be introduced by the artist talk Friendly Strategies of Resistance (Casa Cavazzini Museo d’arte moderna e contemporanea, Udine, Saturday, May 16, 5:00 PM).

Supertrash – which borrows the title from the first overview exhibition of Sedlaček's work, made in Slovenia in 2011 – presents a selection of projects from the last decade. Starting in 2001, Sedlaček developed a rich body of work, generally defined by theories of disposal and the use and reuse of cheap technologies and waste materials. His practical and humorous works result from a subversive recycling of scientific, legal, or technological facts and employing DIY (do-it-yourself) and collaborative methods. As Petja Grafenauer wrote in the Supertrash catalogue, “His projects shift between local and global problems of waste. The artist is interested in topical themes that fall into the category of the age-old efforts to improve human life. Fortunately, he does not tackle these issues in a naïve, bigoted or moralistic manner, but rather with humor and incentive. His ideas are witty, creative and, above all, useful.”. 


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission
Production: Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana and Link Art Center, Brescia
In partnership with: Ultra, Udine
Graphic Design: eflux studio, Udine
Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana
Thanks: Casa Cavazzini - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Udine