group show

the first part _ 31.01 - 14.03.2015
curated by Kamilia Kard

ULTRA is pleased to announce the start of its fourth year of independent design in contemporary art with the exhibition entitled INTERNET DRONES.
From January 31th, 2015, ULTRA hosted and supported for the second consecutive year by eflux studio, will show the works of 13 artists from different continents creating INTERNET DRONES by Kamilia Kard. The exhibition will last 3 months and will be divided into two parts. In March, are being prepared a talk and the publication of a book.

INTERNET DRONES is a project that aims to highlight the issues, aesthetics and artistic trends of the last generation influenced by the  massive use of new technologies and the internet.

Considering artists as drones called to spread the web based art and digital art, the exhibition offers a new vision upon the possible directions of contemporary art. Connection, communication, new perspectives and experimentation are all characteristics of the works presented in this show by artists who works on those possibilities in their artistic practice, they are “drones” called to make web based art fly in the art scene.

Six Drones of the first part of the show will start to fly on the 31st of January 2015 in Udine: Kim Asendorf, Tiziano Doria, Rosa Menkman, Chiara Passa, Lorenzo Piovella, Rick Silva.
Each work with its awesome experimental language.