group show

the second part _  21.03 - 02.05.2015
curated by Kamilia Kard

INTERNET DRONES.The second part from 21.03 to 02.05
The six drones of the first part of the show, which ended on the 14th of March, fly away making space for other seven drones: Jeremy Bailey, Nick Briz, Marco Cadioli, IOCOSE, Kamilia Kard, Gerhardt Rubio Swaneck, Miyo Van Stenis.

Politics, new forms of revolution, satellite sights, customization of art and new situation where to view it thanks to the aid of lastest generation of digital media. Ironic warlike interrogative, research of codes for a new aesthetics, mash-up and glitches, those are the hashtags of this INTERNET DRONES, second part, curated by Kamilia Kard. The show will take off on Suturday 21st of March at 6.00pm _ULTRA c/o eflux studio Udine (IT).