squares with concentric circles

solo show _ 21/06 - 19/09/2014
curated by Daniele Capra

Ultra is proud to present Square with Concentric Circles, solo exhibition in eflux studio spaces, which illustrates the results of the latest research by artist Marco Cadioli. The project combines the idea of traveling with the aerial view of Google Earth in an unexpected way, gathering together a dozen photographs taken in the last year, a video and a book made by the artist in a limited edition.

Square with Concentric Circles – title taken from an artwork by Wassily Kandinsky – comes from a constant and repeated reconnaissance with Google Earth on different territories, looking for distinctive circular shape. Lots of them are plots of land of different sizes that are grown using high automation and satellite control. Geometrically similar to the maps of ideal cities developed starting from the Renaissance, each zone is captured from the computer screen with maximum detail through an ad hoc software and then recomposed, going to have a real photo.