ULTRA is a cultural project aimed to select and present those artists and those artworks which are able, today, to critically investigate the complex relationships existed between art, society and digital technologies.

Our intent is to take concretely note of subtly pervasive and intimate presence of the technology at all levels of human and daily activity. We would like to promote and support those artistic practices which prove to be aware of this renewed context, anthropologic and cultural . In this way, we propose to constitute – around them and in comparison with them – a humanly and culturally participant community.

ULTRA in the result of the availability of a group of people united by sharing horizons and goals. We aren't benefiting from public funding, but we are happy to accept and trust in the cultural and practical support to individuals and organizations. This is possible in several ways – and with different degrees of effort – participating in events, offering your own suggestions, collecting the artworks of the artists presented.